You Heard What Jesse Said
David L. Hammer

In the late 1820's a rock cairn was placed on the tracks of the Rock Island Railroad, near Adair, Iowa. When the train stopped it was boarded by Jesse James and his gang. This was the world's first train robbery. The gang entered the passenger's car and Jesse proudly announced, "We're making history today, folks. Now, were going to rob all the women and ravage all the men." One of Jesse's men, tugging at his sleeve warned, "That ain't what we was going to do Jess." Whereupon a rather effeminate young male passenger counseled, "You heard what Jesse said."

This is a collection of fifty amusing columns written by David Hammer, a trial lawyer in Dubuque, Iowa. He entertains the reader with the foibles of life in Dubuque, about funny things that happened "on the way to the courthouse," and on his wide travels. The last column is a question: "But Will It Play in Dubuque?" The answer is "yes," and elsewhere too! Trade paperback with French flaps and four-colour cover.

Quality Paperback with French Flaps,  160 pp.
ISBN 1-55246-494-6 $20.00

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