To Play the Game, Being a Travel Guide to the North America of Sherlock Holmes
by David L. Hammer


For most of us, here in the American Colonies, this is likely to be the most useful of Mr. Hammer's famous "Sherlockian travel books." This is because he guides us to locations which we are most likely actually to visit. In this book Mr. Hammer guides us to geographical locations here in North America which are associated with, or logically derived from, the canonical writings. He divides his book unto five different sections, i.e., The American East (e.g., Buffalo, Cleveland), The American South (e.g., Col. Openshaw's Florida), American Midwest (e.g., Chicago, the Baskervilles of Iowa), The American West (e.g., Salt Lake City, and even the late John Bennett Shaw's New Mexican manure pile dedicated to Prof. Moriarty!), and several Canadian locations (e.g., Toronto and Halifax). 397 pages, hardbound, copious photographs (including a panoramic view of Moriarty, NM!). A great book for the Sherlockian traveller (either actual or vicarious!).
The Gasogene Press, Dubuque, Iowa (1991)
Green Cloth, Hard Cover, 397 pp.

ISBN-10: 0-938501-11-9 @$36.00

Soft Cover, 397 pp.

ISBN-10: 0-938501-12-7 @$20.00


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