Yonder in the Gaslight
David L. Hammer

Cover by Jean-Pierre Cagnat 


This is a collection of occasional essays by David Hammer. With a light touch, he describes no end of fascinations. "If you combine the intensity of interest by Canadians in ice hockey, Americans in baseball and Latin Americans in soccer, you will begin to approach the depth of the English interest in cricket." Cricket to one side, these essays written by the Iowa-based Holmes enthusiast shed light on the Canon: "Certainly Mr. Sherlock Holmes is associated with the Englishness of the nineteenth century. He is a national English hero and it is assumed therefore that he represented the character and spirit of England and the English." "Life itself is a mystery," is one of Hammer's conclusions. There are twenty-nine studies plus an Index. Trade paperback.

Quality Paperback, 150 pp.
ISBN 1-55246-242-0 $18.000

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