The Worth of the Game, Being a Final Travel Guide to the England of Sherlock Holmes
by David L. Hammer

David, the author, told us, "This is a bettersweet book as it is the conclusion of my search for English sites which were familiar to the celebrated detective and the good doctor. This title, The Worth of the Game, contains a certain accuracy for, like Neil Gibson (THOR), I have tried to play the game for all it is worth, although not as successfully as did "the gold king." In this volume, the peripatetic Mr. Hammer takes the reader along as he visits more than two-dozen additional British locations familiar to fans of The Canon including Whitehall, the location of the great river race (SIGN), a castle of a "certain gracious lady," the Bar of Gold, and there is even a chapter entitled, "A Coffin for Lady Carfax." 371 pages, soft cover, hundreds of photos of British canonical locations, maps and diagrams.
The Gasogene Press, Dubuque, Iowa (1993)
Soft Cover 371 pages
ISBN-10: 0-938501-17-8  @ $19.00

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