Skewed Sherlock
by Miss Violet Hunter and David L. Hammer

David Hammer, the publisher, claims to have received a letter "on old fashioned stationery" from a woman "in her late nineties," identified only as a lady who had been friends with such legendary progenitors of our Sherlockian hobby as Vincent Starrett, Rex Stout, Christopher Morley, and Edgar Smith. The unidentified writer of this mysterious epistle said, "... in my late nineties I began to write on my old Remington some observations about Mr. Holmes. I did this because I believe that Mr. Holmes, while mighty, was not infallible, and too many of the younger generation are crediting him with the frightening quality of omniscience. (I believe) that a towering mythical hero of any kid is a dangerous one, and there is more than enough in Holmes, the human, to legitimately admire." The editor-publisher further tells us, "This book is written for those who have fun with the detective, and those who are solemn and self-serious should not read it . . ." (and even might find it heretical!). 93 pages, soft cover, perfect binding, art by Jeff Decker.
The Gasogene Press, Dubuque, Iowa (1992)
Soft Cover 92 pages
ISBN-10: 0-938501-15-1  @ 13.00

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