The 22nd Man: in Regard to Sherlock Holmes: German Agent
David L. Hammer

The legendary Sherlockian and most prolific writer, David Hammer, builds on the observation that no one has ever identified Mr. Holmes retirement cottage on the South Downs. The author believes this to be the case because Mr. Holmes was never there! It is Mr. Hammer's contention that Mr. Holmes spent the years, after he vanished from sight, in 1914 in Germany. The 22nd Man is an account of Mr. Hammer's personal odyssey in pursuit of information necessary to the substantiation of his view. Mr. Hammer documents his account with a substantial collection of most interesting photographs. Enjoyment of the heated exchange of comments between the author and Jon Lellenberg, contained between these covers is, in itself, worth the price of the book! It would be something of an understatement to say that Mr. Lellenberg took exception to the thesis which Mr. Hammer puts forth in this book. Soft cover, perfect binding, 125 pages, numerous photographs.
The Gasogene Press, Dubuque, Iowa (1989)
Soft Cover 125 pages
ISBN-10: 0-938501-08-9  @ $16.00

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