Poems of Space and Time
John Robert Colombo

    Trade Paperback, 236 pp.
    ISBN 1-55246-919-4 @ $30.00

Poems of Space and Time is a collection of some three hundred and sixty "poems and effects" composed over the last fifty years by John Robert Colombo. These lively and thoughtful poems are infused with the spirit of the fantastic imagination as embodied in fantastic literature: Science Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Weird Fiction. Open the pages of this book and be prepared to fly ... by Magic Carpet ... on Angelic Wings ... in the cabin of a Rocket Ship out of the past ... or on an interstellar Star Ship of the future ... and to voyage from the intimacies of Inner Space to the outermost bounds of Outer Space ... and back again!

John Robert Colombo is best known as the Master Gatherer for his compilations of Canadiana, but long before he became interested in the lore and literature of this country, he developed a taste for the literature of the fantastic. A good many of his poems are informed by that spirit and bask in its fabled "sense of wonder." Here are poems that celebrate the far-seeking imaginations of H.G. Wells, Solaris, Carl Sagan, Chesley Bonestell, Jon Lomberg, Phyllis Gotlieb, Judith Merril, etc. Critic Roger Schlobin once dubbed Colombo a "superfan" for his contributions to the field of Canadian fantastic literature. Judith Merril exclaimed, "Colombo is the real thing." Fraser Sutherland wrote, "I have a theory that for John Robert Colombo the entire cosmos is a single poem, and all that remains is to connect the dots, so as to reveal its true shape." Spider Robinson referred to him as a National Treasure, and as Ray Bradbury wrote to him, "We are twins.... "

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