Algernon Blackwood's Canadian Terror Tales
Introduced by John Robert Colombo

Here are the scariest short stories ever set in the Canada woods. They are about the primordial fears faced by Canadians. Perhaps the scariest is the classic horror story “The Wendigo” which is set in Ontario’s Lake of the Woods region.

These short works of fiction were penned by Algernon Blackwood (1869-1951), the great English horror-story writer, after he spent two years living in Toronto and Muskoka in 1890-2.

John Robert Colombo, the compiler of this collection of eight of Blackwood’s tales, contributes an illuminating preface along with notes on the author, his Canadian years, and these short stories.

Trade Paperback, 206p.
ISBN 1-55246-605-1 @ $25.00

        Table of Contents

    A Haunted Island
    Skeleton Lake
    The Wendigo
    Running Wolf
    The Valley of the Beasts
    First Hate
    The Camp of the Dog
    Notes on Blackwood and the Canadian Years
    Notes on the Stories

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