The New Consciousness
Richard Maurice Buck

    collected and edited by Cyril Greenland and John Robert Colombo

The New Consciousness: Selected Papers of Richard Maurice Bucke brings together for the first time some forty occasional papers – essays, articles, addresses, notes, notices, studies, reports, memoirs – written over the years by Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke (1837-1902), physician, alienist, one of the founders of the School of Medicine at the University of Western Ontario, long-time Superintendent of the Asylum for the Insane at London, Ont., coiner of the term "cosmic consciousness," and champion of "the new consciousness." The arrangement of the occasional papers draws attention to the five fields that were of special interest to Dr. Bucke: Biography, Medicine, Walt Whitman, Literature, Cosmic Consciousness.

Cyril Greenland is Professor Emeritus, School of Social Work, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. John Robert Colombo is an author and anthologist. Their previous collaboration was Walt Whitman's Canada. The present collaboration, originally issued in a QuasiBook Edition published by Colombo & Company in 1997, is being reprinted with corrections and additions to mark the tenth anniversary of the appearance of the original edition.
    Trade Paperback, 430pp.
    ISBN 1-55246-718-X @ $32.00

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