One Word Poems
John Robert Colombo

One Word Poems is a collection of poems, each poem of which is one word in length – sometimes two words long, occasionally three words – but which are nonetheless complete and expressive in themselves. The reader is offered an unusual reading experience, one that requires co-operation (indeed, co-creation) alongside the poet. In these pages will be found approximately 3,000 poems (sometimes called "rewords" because they are "reworked" to release their latent powers and possibilities) that have been arranged under 1,600 or so headings. The rewords are reprinted from four volumes which first appeared in QuasiBook Editions issued in the years 1994, 1996, 2000, and 2003, along with unpublished "rewords" that date from the years since then. This is one of a limited number of innovative volumes of inventive work to appear in many a year.

John Robert Colombo is nationally known as the Master Gatherer for his compilations of Canadiana. Current books include A Little Book of Facts about a Really Big Country, a book of trivia and treasure, and Strange but True, a compilation of told-as-true tales of the supernatural and the paranormal. He is also a poet of note who has published a volume of verse every year for the last dozen years, culminating in the appearance of All the Poems of John Robert Colombo in 2005. All the Aphorisms of John Robert Colombo was issued in 2006. The same year saw the appearance of Miniatures, an anthology of 50-word stories by a hundred or so writers. Andrei Voznesensky wrote, "The searchings of John Robert Colombo are significant and profound."
Trade Paperback, 132pp.
ISBN 1-55246-774-9 @ $24.00

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