Red Humour:
East European Jokes and Anecdotes
compiled by John Robert Colombo

This is a large scale collection of jokes and anecdotes about life under Communism, principally in the Soviet Union, but also in Eastern Europe, in the other so called people’s democracies, and in parts of the yeclept Free World. The jokes examine the contributions to the human condition of such noted thinkers and social benefactors as Karl Marx and V.I. Lenin, such inspired leaders as Joseph Stalin and Nikita Khruschev, and such reform spirits as Mikhail Gorbachov and Vladimir Putin, and they scrutinize the Russian Revolution, probe the innards of the Soviet system, note the effects of cadres on “fraternal” societies, and run headlong – and – headfirst into the Berlin Wall, which crumbed in 1989, and the Soviet system itself which two years later self destructed – whether for good or not is another matter!

C&C / BSDB, Trade Paperback, 400p.
ISBN 1-55246715-5 @ $32.00

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