All the Poems of John Robert Colombo
John Robert Colombo


Here is an astonishing collection of all the poems composed by John Robert Colombo, reprinted from over 40 books and publications issued between the years 1960 and 2005. There are over 2,500 poems here, with tables of contents and general index.

This is an impressive and indispensable set of three, large-format books, folio-sized with double-columned pages, for all serious collectors of Canadian poetry and literature and for all public library and reference collections.

C&C / BSDB, trade paperbacks, folio sized, 8.5 x 11, 2-colour cover

I/III - ISBN 1-55246-614-4 (v. 1)
II/III - ISBN 1-55246-613-2 (v. 2)
III/III - ISBN 1-55246-614-0 (v. 3)
Set of 3 volumes (not sold individually)

3 Volumes Set, Hard Cover 924p.
ISTC A032010000000AF9
ISBN 1-55246-612-4 @ $125.00

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