Born in a Bookshop: An Autobiography
Vincent Starrett
with a new introduction by Michael Dirda

47 Oxford Street, the birthplace of Vincent Starrett

Volume 23. The Vincent Starrett Memorial Library Series

Who can resist this opening sentence? "I was born in a bookshop or so close to it as to be able to claim the distinction." This is the first line of the classic autobiography of Vincent Starrett, the Toronto-born, Chicago-based bookman who was celebrated in his day for his "Books Alive" newspaper columns and his many volumes of detective fiction.

Illustrated with photographs and a frontispiece portrait by Jean Pierre Cagnat. Includes Addendum from the Archives in Minnesota and Index.

Hardcover, 318 pp. with Index
ISBN 978-1-55246-130-3 
 Planned for 2016

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