The Fugitive and Other Stories with a Caboose
Vincent Starrett
Introduction by Peter Ruber

Volume 14. The Vincent Starrett Memorial Library

Vincent Starrett, as well as essayist, was story-teller. He wrote stories and fables to entertain the readers of his day. The title story alone (although only 17 pages in length) is eminently satisfying, and so are the rest of the stories, including "The Head of Cromwell" and "The House of Madness."

The Fugitive, The Ace of Clubs, Exeunt Omnes, Four Friends of Mavis, The Princess Antimacassar, Decadence and John Fenderson, The End of the Story, Pleasant Madness of the Faculty, Thirty Pieces of Silver, The Episode of the Plugged Dime, The Man Who Loved Leopards, Request of the Dying, Eighteen Steps, The Artistic Temperament, The Quick and the Dead, The Sinless Village, The Head of Cromwell, Penelope, Coffins for Two, Home For Christmas, The Story That Might Have Been, The Resurrection of Uncle Peter, The House of Madness, Tempo di Valse, "Oh, My Prophetic Soul!" Cover by Frank Utpatel.

Hard Cover with a Dustjacket, 224 pp.
ISBN 978-1-55246-116-7
  Planned for 2016

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