The Parlour Games of Sherlock Holmes
William S. Dorn

Cover by Jean Pierre Cagnat

The Parlour Games of Sherlock Holmes

As a professor of mathematics and computer science at the University of Denver, and formerly with IBM, Bill Dorn has extracted from the Holmes canon little bits of dialogue between Holmes and Watson, and assembled them into three types of logic — Deduction, Induction and Retroduction - and come up with me fascinating little puzzles by which to hone your own skills at ratiocination.

Those who like mind puzzles will find this chapbook a diverting exercise in logic. Recommended to everyone who has illusions (or delusions) about becoming a reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes. Here are “Exercises in Logic” offered by William S. Dorn, former mathematician and computer scientist at the University of Denver.

They are based on the 56 short stories and 4 novels that describe the cases of the celebrated literary detective Sherlock Holmes. Pit yourself against Dorn–and Holmes–and reason your way to solutions to the problems. (Solutions included, of course!).

Booklet of 68 pages, four-colour cover illustration.
ISBN 1-896648-67-3 @ $10.00


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  The Parlour Games of Sherlock Holmes