Five Sherlockian Walks in London
William Dorn. Cover by Jean Pierre Cagnat

After you visit 221B Baker Street in London, you will want to go on one or more of these literary walks to experience once again the paths and bypaths associated with Holmes and Watson. Here are five, story-centered walks that are a mile or so in length: “Scandal in Bohemia, “The Red- headed League,” “The Blue Carbuncle,” etc. The routes and sites are well described by William S. Dorn. Illustrated with sketch maps and photographs. Ideal to carry in the pocket of your Inverness cape. Booklet of 50 pages, four-colour cover illustration.

Going to London soon? Plan to take along your eleven-hundred page edition of the Sherlock Holmes stories so that you can visit important places and streets the Master once tread? Leave it at home, just bring Bill Dorn’s authoritative little chapbook, complete with maps and photos. Each walking tour takes about 30 minutes. Don’t forget your deerstalker cap and a camera! It will make your visit a memorable one.

Chapbook, 48p.
ISBN 1-896648-68-1@ $10.00
E-Book in Adobe pdf format   $5.00

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