Victorian Holmes
Michael Duke
Cover by Tom Roberts

  Sherlockian Scholarship from down under
  Quality Trade Paperback, 234 pp.
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Table of Contents

 1. Happy Birthday, Mr. Sherlock Holmes!
2. De Jure Inter Gentes
3. International Law and Sherlock Holmes
4. New Light on Dr. Watson’s Childhood
5. Watson in Melbourne
6. Tonga Speaks
7. Dirt From the Tunnel in "The Red-Headed League"
8. Black Jack of Ballarat
9. Alice Turner and Her Friends
10. Habeas Corpus in "The Man with the Twisted Lip"
11. Christmas in Baker Street
12. Upon the Second Morning After Christmas
13. Gypsies in the Canon
14. Out of the Cardboard Box
15. Lucy: "a little coal-black negress"
16. First Aid in the Canon
17. The Trees of Hurlstone
18. The Reigate Secret — "the Grosvenor Square Furniture Van"
19. The Royal Mallows
20. Sherlock Holmes’ Other Doctors
21. Dr. Percy Trevelyan
22. Extract from "The Whole Art of Detection"
23. The Napoleon of Crime: Holmes, Moriarty and France
24. Beryl Stapleton
25. Sherlock Holmes and Art
26. Where is Doctor Watson’s Wound?
27. Sherlock Holmes and Norway
28. Canonical Animal Metaphors and Their Significance
29. The Dacre Hotel
30. Professor Coram’s Research
31. Mrs. Godfrey Staunton’s Death
32. Vox Populi, Vox Dei
33. The Devil’s Tale
34. Gennaro and Friends
35. The Earl of Maynooth
36. Von Herling’s Car
37. Grace Dunbar
38. The Creeping Professor
39. Bob Ferguson’s Tea
40. Mrs. Klein’s Grate
41. Steve Dixie
42. Leprosy and Empire
43. Mrs. Josiah Amberley.
44. Sherlock Holmes and Chess
45. "Keep Your Hands Off It"
6. "My Summer Quarters"
47. Sherlock Holmes’ French Ancestry.
48. Fred Porlock
49. Why Did Sherlock Holmes Retire?
50. Less Conventional South Australia

Introduction: This is a compilation of articles written over a period of many years about Sherlock Holmes. It is a personal and yet Australian viewpoint, as all were composed in Melbourne by a naturalized Australian. I am a Member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, the Sydney Passengers and the defunct Sherlock Holmes Society of Australia (now subsumed into the Sydney Passengers). I have had articles published in the UK, the USA, Japan and Australia. Some articles have only appeared in the local journal, "Victorian Holmes," the organ of the Sherlock Holmes Society of Melbourne, founded 1996.

Sherlock Holmes has been part of my life since I was a child and my parents bought the two volume John Murray edition. I was overwhelmed when I acquired the William Baring-Gould Annotated for my thirtieth birthday, such a rich world to discover, and have been studying and writing ever since.

I have obtained a Diploma in Holmesian Studies from the Franco-Midland Hardware Company run by Philip Weller, for whose deep scholarship I have great respect.

Not all the chapters are similar in length as the points made are not "padded" but kept as precise and succinct as possible with the material.

Michael Duke is a consultant psychiatrist who has worked for over four decades in Australia and two decades with the Australian Aboriginal people. He has published just three academic psychiatric papers but also written widely on Sherlock Holmes and has been published over four continents. He has been married for twenty-seven years and has four adult children, two boys and two girls, and ten grandchildren, which he regards as his best achievement.

He has in his time been a family therapist, run a large psychiatric hospital, a small general hospital psychiatric unit of 30 beds, been medical director of a private psychiatric hospital, been medical director of a private medicolegal company with a hundred consulting specialists and set up the first Aboriginal Adult Mental Health Network in Australia. He has travelled widely throughout Australia, and to the Philippines, the Solomon Islands, Malaysia, Japan, Canada and Europe including many trips to Britain.

He is a keen bushwalker and has walked both the Wainright Walk across England and the Southwest Way along the coast in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, and many hikes in Australia including many alpine trips, Tasmanian expeditions, the Great Coastal Walk and the Bay of Fires.

He is also the author of a just released biography of Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte, the "half-caste" fictional detective created by Arthur Upfield and the subject of 29 novels written between 1927 and 1964.

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