Thinking Outside the Tin-Dispatch Box: The Post-Reichenbach Sherlock Holmes
William R. Cochran

Cover by Tom Roberts


   Quality Trade Paperback, 168 pp.
ISBN 978-1-55246-947-7    $20.00


About the Book

"The Occupants of the Empty House" stand on the shoulders of giants, and play a game that is over 100 years old. In their short history, "OEH" have presented over 400 papers. What the members of the society do not recognize is that the success of the OEH, mystifies those who have never been here. We are, "The little Engine that could," only because of our robust na´vete— we did not know we couldnt. No less authority than The Sherlock Holmes Handbook, by Chris Redmond, refers to these endeavors as: "nearly all of them original and thought provoking." All of the papers that were presented were for our enjoyment and enlightenment. It is when we shared them with the world through the pages of our own little journal that we discovered others could enjoy our efforts as well. We did not set out to be what we became, we just wanted to enjoy the writings of John H. Watson, M.D., as he described his exploits with Sherlock Holmes.William R. Cochran, B.S.I. ("Murray," 1988) has been writing about the world of Sherlock Holmes for more than three decades. He is a former editor of The Baker Street Journal, co-editor of (and prolific contributor to) the well received Commanding Views from the Empty House, co-founder of The Occupants of the Empty House, and Master (president) of the Empty House.

About the Author

When Cochran navigates, whether on a trip by car to some Sherlockian event or by written word through the Victorian world of Sherlock Holmes, fellow travelers are sure to find themselves on some unexpected byways among interesting vistas and challenging prospects. The game is again afoot in these pages, so open this book, open your eyes, open your mind. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Account related by Holmes to Watson — "The Gloria Scott" — Bereshith


Chapter 2: Monday, January 12, 1891 — "Charles Augustus Milverton" — As Cunning as the Evil One

Chapter 3: Friday, April 24, 1891 — "The Final Problem" — The Napoleon Connection

The Great Hiatus April 25, 1891 — April 3 1894

Chapter 4: April 1891—April 1894—"Those who know the substance as the substance and the shadow as the shadow, arrive at Reality, and follow right aims."


Chapter 5: Thursday, March 24, 1892 — "Wisteria Lodge"

— Better than the Best of a Bad Lot


Chapter 6: April 3, Tuesday — "The Adventure of the Empty House"

— This One is for Thomas L. Stix, Sr.

Chapter 7: July 1 — "The Mazarine Stone"

— Dating a Stone

Chapter 8: July 15, 1894 — "The Three Gables"

— Watson Holds the Key

Chapter 9: August 1, Wednesday — "The Norwood Builder"

— The Cat in the Aviary

Chapter 10: November 23, Friday — "The Golden Pince-nez"

— The Nihilist and Biblical Studies


Chapter 11: April 20, Saturday — "The Solitary Cyclist"

— Even to the Sober Eye of Reason

Chapter 12: May 6, Monday — "The Three Students"

— What’s in a Name

Chapter 13: July 10, Wednesday — "Black Peter"

— Erebus

Chapter 14: September 1895 — "The Red Circle"

—The Anglo-American Case of Identity

Chapter 15: November 21, Thursday — "The Bruce-Partington Plans"

— For the Sake of Trust

Chapter 16: September 22, Tuesday — "The Veiled Lodger"

— The Example of Patient Suffering


Chapter 17: February 6, Saturday — "The Missing Three-Quarter"

— When a Man is Lost

Chapter 18: February 15, Monday — "Abbey Grange"

— Good Old Watson

Chapter 19: March 16, Tuesday — "The Devil’s Foot"

—The ChaldŠan Connection


Chapter 20: July 25, Monday — "The Dancing Men"

— Atonement

Chapter 21: August 20, Saturday — "The Retired Colourman"

— Coptic Clues


Chapter 22: May 16, Thursday — "Priory School"

— Twin Sons of Different Mothers?

Chapter 23: May 26, Tuesday — "Shoscombe Old Place"

—"a carrion crow among the eagles"
Chapter 24: October 4, Thursday — "Thor Bridge"

— Saving Grace ..

Chapter 25: November 19, Tuesday — "The Sussex Vampire"

— The Wisdom of Solomon

Chapter 26: June 4, Wednesday — "The Six Napoleons"

—The Fourth Napoleon

Chapter 27: June 19, Thursday — "The Three Garridebs"

— Divining Comedy

Chapter 28: July 26, Saturday — "The Disappearance of Lady Frances

Carfax"—The Allusions of Lady Frances Carfax

Chapter 29: September 3, Wednesday — "The Illustrious Client"

— The Illustrious Lama


Chapter 30: January 21, Wednesday — "The Blanched Soldier"

— The Painful Predicament of Sherlock Holmes

Chapter 31: September 6, Sunday — "The Creeping Man"

— All good Things Must Pass

Chapter 32: November 8, Sunday — "The Dying Detective"

— Sherlock Holmes on Death and DYIN"


Chapter 33: July 30, Tuesday — "The Lion’s Mane"

— Abstruse and Unusual


Chapter 34: August 2, Sunday — "His Last Bow"

— Unveiling the Veiled Author


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