The Diogenes Club Speaks
Edited by Walter Jaffe and Michael Kean

Because of the self-imposed provincialism and isolationism of the Diogenes Club of the Monterey Peninsula, few of its members were aware of the existence of other Sherlockian groups and their writings. As a result, the early offerings of the Diogenes Club are by and large purely original — that is, not dependent upon any earlier research — members simply did not know such research existed.

During the almost thirty year history of the Club, well over one hundred and fifty presentations have been made. This volume contains a representative selection of some of the best. Though many have been edited, a number of them have been left in their original form to capture the flavor of the initial presentation.

Members of the Diogenes Club of Monterey Peninsula, California, offer readers 18 scholarly writings, 5 parodies and pastiches, 4 individual studies, and 4 appendices...all on Holmesian subjects. Editors Walter W. Jaffee and Michael H. Kean offer a history of the club with its list of members. Well illustrated.

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Black Close, Hard Cover, 272 pp.
ISBN 1-55246-182-3 45.00

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