Mrs. Hudson? ... Mrs. Hudson!!
James Moss Cardwell
Introduction by Michael H. Kean
Cover by Jean Pierre Cagnat

This publication is "A Conceptual Narrative Treatment of An Original Musical." The three-act play is the work of James Moss Cardwell . It includes an introduction by Michael H. Kean, an author's note, and a caricature of the author by Jean-Pierre Cagnat. The playwright was a member of the Diogenes Club of the Monterey Peninsula where the play received its premiere on Jan. 5, 1980. The cast of characters includes Holmes, Watson, Moriarity, even Doyle–not to mention Mrs. Hudson, the landlady. Clothbound with four-colour jacket.

Casebound, 138p.
ISBN 1-55246-207-2 $40.00