The Compleat Adventures of Zambra, the Detective
Headon Hill, Pseudonym of Francis Edward Grainger, 1857-1927
Compiled and collected and Introduced by Bob Adey

      Sebastian Zambra. Introduction by Robert Adey
    Clues from a Detective’s Camera.
        I. The Episode of the Bamboo Rod
        II. The Episode of the Arab Javelin
        III. The Episode of the Tattooed Arm
        IV. The Episode of the Muffled Footfall
        V. The Episode of the Sapient Monkey
        VI. The Episode of the Secret Armoury
    VII. The Episode of the Priest’s Hole
    VIII. The Episode of the Phantom Cheque
        IX. The Episode of the Midnight Meeting
        X. The Episode of the Infernal Machine
        XI. The Episode of the Chipped Tombstone
        XII. The Episode of the Furnace House
    Cabinet Secrets.
I. The Prime Minister’s Story
        II. The Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Story
        III. The Foreign Secretary’s Story
        IV. The War Secretary’s Story
        V. The Indian Secretary’s Story
        VI. The Home Secretary’s Story
        VII. The Postmaster-General’s Story
        VIII. The Colonial Secretary’s Story
        IX. The Irish Secretary’s Story
        X. The Lord Chancellor’s Story
        XI. The President of the Board of Trade’s Story
        XII. The First Lord of the Admiralty’s Story
        XIII. The Attorney-General’s Story.
    Clues from the Note-Book of Zambra the Detective.
        I. The Clue of the Painted Missal
        II. The Clue of the Withered Leaf
        III. The Clue of the Poppy-Head Pillow
        IV. The Clue of the Haunted Houseboat
        V. The Clue of the Ferocious Mastiff
        VI. The Clue of the Octagon Decanter
        VII. The Clue of the Severed Hand
        VIII. The Clue of the Cowhide Shred
        IX. The Clue of the Old Doubloon
        X. The Clue of the Hired Husband
        XI. The Clue of the Destitute Mariner
        XII. The Clue of the Mahogany Gavel.
    The Mystery of Kennett’s Cross.
        I. The King of the Cabin Door
        II. A Good Bargain
    III. From Information Received.
        IV. The Case Against Cuthbert Blakesly
V. The Prisoner’s Story
        VI. "Uncle Simon"
        VII. Zambra the Detective
        VIII. The Hidden Postmark
        IX. Tamponi’s Restaurant
        X. A Night of Terror
        XI. The Dead Man’s Secret
    From the Divinations of Kala Persad
        The Secret of the Envelope
        The Red Lamp in Hoblyn’s Alley
from The Thread of Proof
        The Pigeon-Blood Rubies
        The Borradaile Mystery
        The Stained Mackintosh
    The Narrowing Circle
        I. The Mess of Pottage
        II. The Unbreakable Alibi
        III. Enter the Police
        IV. The Scene of the Crime
        V. The Fourth Philanderer
        VI. During the Adjournment
        VII. The Initials on the Butt
        VIII. Midnight Visitors
        IX. Tarred with the Same Brush
        X. The Coming of Zambra
        XI. Zambra’s Client
        XII. The Elusive Clue
        XIII. The Spool of Film
        XIV. The Trick Photograph
        XV. The Dawn of Fear
        XVI. The Special Licence
        XVII. The Dinner Guest
        XVIII. A Nice Cup of Tea
        XIX. The Cowhide Bag
        XX. Sign on as Best Man
        XXI. The Ghost in the Gallery
        XXII. The Patient At the Inn
        XXIII. The Night Before
     XXIV. The Missing Link
        XXV. Flies on the Inspector?
        XXVI. A Weasel Asleep?
        XXVII. The Horrid Nocturne
        XXVIII. The Man Who Smiled and Smiled
        XXIX. Interpolations
        XXX. The Inspector’s Deposition
        XXXI. Zambra’s Deposition
        XXXII. Zambra’s Deposition
        XXXIII. Paul Cursitor Resumes
        XXXIV. Storm on the Marsh
        XXXV. The Swivel Gun
        XXXVI. Michelmore’s Deposition Resumed
        XXXVII. Michelmore’s Deposition
        XXXVIII. Zambra Resumes
        XXXIX. Zambra’s Deposition Concluded
        XL. Guilty
        XLI. The Condemned Cell

Cloth Hard Cover with Gold Lettering and Full Colour Dustjacket, 612 pp.
ISBN 978-1-55246-626-1 $60.00


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