The Adventures of Radford Shone and Other Detective Short Stories
Headon Hill, Pseudonym of Francis Edward Grainger, 1857-1927
Compiled, Collected and Introduced by Bob Adey


        Introduction by Bob Adey
The Solutions of Radford Shone
       Chapter I. The Lion Lady
   Chapter II. The Bullion-Room
   Chapter III. The Missing Bomb
   Chapter IV. The Lost Heiress
         Chapter V. The Granton Rubies
         Chapter VI. The Tenth Green
         Chapter VII. The Japanese Agent
       Chapter VIII. The Eton Boy
       Chapter IX. The Thirsty Cat
         Chapter X. The Bayswater Boarding-House
         Chapter XI. The Wireless Telegram
          Chapter XII. The Final Error.
    from The Divinations of Kala Persad
        I. The Divination of The Afghan Kukhri.
      II. The Divination of the Zagury Capsules
        III. The Divination of the Vagus Nerve
        IV. The Divination of the Kodak Films
    from Coronation Mysteries
        The Mystery of the Antique Wardrobe.
        The Mystery of the "Comet" Port
        The Mystery of the Burmese Idol.
        The Mystery of the Silver Tea-Caddy.
        The Mystery of the Seaside Residence.
        The Mystery of the Family Portraits.
        The Mystery of Solomon’s Bill of Sale.
        The Mystery of the Cook’s Bonnet-Box.
    Perils of the Red Box.
        Peril I. The Ultimatum to France.
        Peril II. The Dragoman of the Russian Embassy.
        Peril III. The Tsarina’s Wedding-Present.
        Peril IV. The Lost Treaty.
        Peril V. The Alcove Room At the Vatican.
        Peril VI. The Morganatic Bride.
    from The Thread of Proof.
        I. The Dead Man’s Dinner.
        II. The Snow-Bound Passengers.
        III. The Ascot Heirlooms.
       IV. The Clacton Supper Train.
        V. The Green Chartreuse.
        VI. The Duplicate Bride.
        VII. The Missing Serviette.
VIII. The Gold-Mounted Umbrella.
    Children’s Mysteries.
       Story I. The Mystery of the Five White Rats.
       Story II. The Mystery of the Locked-Up Room.
        Story III. The Mystery of the Yellow Satchel.
        Story IV. The Mystery of the Vanishing Bell-Rope.
        Story V. The Mystery of the Braganza Necklet.
        Story VI. The Mystery of the Tiger’s Eye.
        Story VII. The Mystery of the Half-Mast Flag.
        Story VIII. The Mystery of the Saddlebag Sofa.
        Story IX. The Mystery of the Missing Crew.
        Story X. The Mystery of the Unaccountable Music

Cloth Hard Cover with Gold Lettering and Full Colour Dustjacket, 524 pp.
ISBN 978-1-55246-912-5 $60.00

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