Battered Silicon Dispatch Box (BSDB) started out as a publisher of Sherlock Holmes scholarship, both conventional and whimsical.

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The BSDB has now published over 600 titles to date, including a wide array of poetry, fiction and nonfiction by authors from around the world and Canada such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, R. Austin Freeman, Michael Harrison, David L. Hammer, Donald B. Izban, Vincent Starrett, August Derleth, Seabury Quinn, G.K. Chesterton, Arthur Morrison, McDonell Bodkin, John Russell Fearn, Clayton Rawson, Dorothy Sayers, James Hilton, Lewis Carroll, Silver Donald Cameron, Everett Bleiler, Allen Hubin, Ronald Burt De Waal, Lewis Carroll, Dennis Saurat, Frederick Davis, Merle Constiner, Henry Bedford-Jones, Sidney Herschel Small, John Ulrich Giesy, Charles B. Stilson, Gordon Young, Emile Tepperman, Judson Philips, A.E. Apple, Maurice Level, Jean Portugal, Hugh Garner, Hugh Hood, John Robert Colombo, Stephen Leacock, John Buchan, Raymond Souster, Martin Gardner and Baroness Emmuska Orczy.

There are more than 221 titles in development, and new titles are added every month in fits and starts.

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The activities and the future list of BSDB are governed by an active editorial board called
The Sacred Six. The membership consists of: Robert Weinberg, Illinois; Garyn Roberts, Michigan; Sheila Ann Vanderbeek, Michigan; John D. Haefele and Rodney Schroeter, Wisconsin; John Robert Colombo, Toronto and George Vanderburgh, Eugenia, Ontario.


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