About The Battered Box

Welcome to The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box web site. Why Battered? Why Silicon? Why Dispatch? Why Box? As an enthusiast for the Sherlock Holmes stories, I could not resist naming my own imprint after a reference in one of the Holmes tales.

I am proud of our latest catalogue of The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box. It marks the beginning of my second decade of book publishing, and it shows BSDB’s continuing commitment to issuing not only interesting, brand-new titles but also interesting, attractive editions (well printed, sturdy bound, brightly illustrated, with commentaries and indexes as required) of classics of popular literature.

The BSDB specializes in the small press runs, usually 100 to 200 of paperback and clothbound editions. My home looks out on Lake Eugenia, Ontario. The printing is done in Kitchener, the hardcover binding in St. Cathariines, Ontario. Pains and pleasures are taken to produce handsome, durable editions of old and contemporary classics to read and to collect.

I founded the imprint in 1993 in Shelburne, where I enjoyed a medical practice as a family physician. I am also a former Medical Officer with the Canadian Armed Forces, and retired with the rank of Major. I retired in 2008.

There are well over 700 titles (both books and e-books) described and illustrated on this website. I invite you to read the copy and order the books that appeal to you.

You will not find copies of them just anywhere. (Indeed, it is unlikely that you will find them on the shelves or racks of book-store chains.)

Order them directly from this web site. Each title will have an email link directly to me -- just click the link and "send." No need to fill in a message. Send as many messages as you like, and I will get back to you with your total amount due including shipping and handling. I welcome all orders and inquiries.