The Sherlockian Star Chamber
The Questions & the Answers for 69 Canonical Examinations
Steve Clarkson
Introductions and Afterwords by Kate Karlson and Susan Z. Diamond
Illustrations by Paul G. Churchill


A two volume collection of 89 fiendishly challenging Canonical quizzes composed over a six year period by Stephen Clarkson when he was the quizmaster (a.k.a. The Torquemada of Watson's Tin Box) of his local Sherlock Holmes Society. Also contains three quizzes from the Apocrypha stories. Volume I contains the questions only, and Volume 2 contains the answers. Each volume has an Introduction and an Afterward alternating between Kate Karlson and Susan Diamond. Just perfect when you have the responsibility for a quiz from rudimentary to the impossible. Ideal for a solitary reader, or a small to large group.

Double volume edition: Clothbound Numbered Hard Cover, 292p.
ISBN 1-896648-71-1 $45.00

Volume I: Questions only, paperback, 106p.
ISBN 1-896648-88-6 $12.00

Volume II: Answers, paperback, 186p.
ISBN 1-896648-89-4 $14.00