Quotations from Baker Street
Assembled by Christopher Redmond

Some of the most notable quotes from Poul Anderson to Jeremy Brett to G.K. Chesterton to Michael Hardwick to Maurice LeBlanc to F.D.R. to Edgar Smith and Basil Rathbone to Alexander Woollcott and everyone in between.

This useful booklet is best described in the words of its subtitle: "A selection of memorable, striking, familiar and historic sentences from the literature and folklore of Sherlock Holmes." The quotations are short, arranged alphabetically by contributor (from Ben Abramson to Helene Yuhasova), and sourced. Question: Who wrote the famous line, "It is always 1895?" (Answer: Vincent Starrett.) Hundreds more in Quotations from Baker Street.

Chapbook with Card Cover, 49 pp.
ISBN 1-896032-16-8 $10.00

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