Watson's First Drafts
Jim Goehmann


Watson’s First Drafts: Volume I

Author Jim Goehmann offers the reader–“with apologies to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle”–what he calls “Revealing and suppressed material from the Sherlock Holmes stories of Dr. John Watson beyond what appeared in the accounts previously published through the good offices of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.”Here are “first draft versions” of the famous adventures along with the “reconstructor’s notes.” Wild scholarship that will delight deconstructionists, semioticians and Sherlockians!

Watson’s First Drafts: Volume II

Those adventures of Sherlock Holmes that author Jim Goehmann did not “deconstruct” in Volume I of Watson’s First Drafts are given definitive treatment in Volume II. “First draft versions” are given for “The Musgrave Ritual” and “The Sign of Four,” and every Sherlockian is sure to enjoy the ingenuity and devotion to the original stories in the Canon created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

2 Volumes 500p.
ISBN 1-55246-544-6 @ $75.00