"Masterly inactivity" The Canadian Baskervilles:
The History of the country's first Sherlock Holmes Society (1945 to 1961)
by Peter Calamai


Almost everything is explained in the words of the subtitle to Peter Calami's study: "The Canadian Baskervilles: The Country's first Sherlockian Scion, 1945 to 1961." It should be added that his account was prepared for the Footprints of the Hound Conference sponsored by the Toronto Reference Library, Friends of the Doyle Collection, Doyle Society, and Bootmakers of Toronto.

Revised second edition with reproduction of letter from Vincent Starrett and appendices. 36-page pamphlet with card cover.

The Bootmakers' Occasional Paper No. 3.
Chapbook, 36 p.
ISBN 1-55246–440-7 $8.00