From Baltimore to Baker Street
William Hyder

A past Gasogene of The Six Napoleons of Baltimore offers Sherlockian essays and dramatic readings that combine erudition with humour - and occasionally challenge such revered scholars as Vincent Starrett, Michael Harrison, and William S. Baring-Gould.

Translations and Mistranslations; The real meaning of the parsley in the butter; Sherlock Holmes: musician?; Dr. Watson's education and Medical Career; The overlooked intelligence of Dr. Watson; Five women and what they thought of Holmes; Conan Doyle vs. Sherlock Holmes; ‘The Martha Myth'; People of rank in the Canon; Holmes and the holy men; The waiting-room at Charing Cross: what actually happened?; Sherlock Holmes meets the Pirates of Penzance; The fascination of Sherlockian scholarship

"... a fine collection ... [‘The Martha Myth'] contravenes many years' conventional wisdom." — Philip A. Shreffler

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Cloth Bound Hard Cover, 216p.
ISBN 1-896032-35-4 $30.00

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