The Baker Street Briefs
S. Tupper Bigelow
Edited by Cameron Hollyer and George A. Vanderburgh
An introduction by Hartley R. Nathan


A conversation with Eric Silk Magistrate, and later Judge, Sherburne Tupper Bigelow (1901-1993) is an invaluable landmark in Sherlockian scholarship. His knowledge of horses, hoofmarks, hounds, Hallamshire, Holmes and the Law is unexcelled – and fortunately he committed his peppery opinions paper, much as he often committed offenders before his bench to prison with peppery opinions. His original Good Old Index was the invaluable foundation for the continuing guide to the Sherlockian literature maintained by the Toronto Reference Library. Every follower of the Master Detective is also in the debt of the Magistrate.

The essays include: Good Old Index!; Some Times the Old Ways are Best; A Fertile Field; Sherlock Holmes and Misprision of Felony; The Blue Enigma; Barred-Tailed Geese; The Hoof-Marks in the Priory School; Was It Baxter?; Was It Attempted Murder?; The Singular Case of Fletcher Robinson; Hallamshire Revisited; Chess and Sherlock Holmes; Sherlock Holmes Was No Burglar; Fingerprints and Sherlock Holmes; In Defence of Joseph Bell; Those Five Volumes; Identifying the Diogenes Club: An Armchair Exercise; Two Canonical Problems Solved; If We Have To Be Whimsical; Silver Blaze: The Master Vindicated; An Assessment of the Ten Best Canonical Stories; Death in the Stalls, Sherlockian Double-Crostic; A Counterfeit of the Sage of Baker Street.

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