Sherlock Holmes and The Watson Pastiche
Karl Showler
Transcribed from Dr. Watson’s Notes by Siancen y Wawr

Sherlockians, take note! The author Sincen y Wawr (aka Karl Showler) notes that “at a recent auction I purchased a deed box containing several leather-bound medical case books; clearly these were confidential and should have been destroyed a century ago.” Happily this did not happen.

The author could not resist opening the one stamped “J.H. Watson, Baker Street” and he not only read it but could not restrain himself from transcribing it for the benefit of Sherlockians who now have the opportunity to share with the author further, Dr. Waton’s non-canonical adventures, Holmes’s notes on bee-keeping, as well as some of the thoughts of the Great Detective’s brilliant brother Mycroft.

Trade paperback, 140p.
ISBN 1-55246-400-8 @ $18.00