Sherlock Holmes and The Mayerling Mystery
Gerhard Tötschinger
Translated by Dr. Richard R. Rutter, K.G., B.S.I.
and Herr Peter Erlsbacher


A Sherlock Holmes Story translated from the German

        Table of Contents

    Characters: Historical and Fictional
Preface by Dr. Richard Rutter
Introduction to the Story
Chapter 1· A Reunion
Chapter 2· Enter Sherlock Holmes
Chapter 3· An Introduction to Austrian Politics
Chapter 4· Sherlock Holmes, Violinist
Chapter 5· Dr. Heinrich Schellenberg
Chapter 6· Viennese Night Life
Chapter 7· Eva Schellenberg–Feminist
Chapter 8· In London Once Again
Chapter 9 · "X"
Chapter 10 · The Natural History Museum
Chapter 11 · The Italian Trio
Chapter 12 · "Mizzi" Caspar
Chapter 13 · Agnes & Božena
Chapter 14 · Rothenturmstraße 31
Chapter 15 · The Séance
Chapter 16 · Unnumbered Coaches
Chapter 17 · Professor Siebenbock is Missing
Chapter 18 · Intrigue
Chapter 19 · In Disguise
Chapter 20 · Miss Mary
Chapter 21 · The Search for the Professor
Chapter 22 · Discovery of the Victim
Chapter 23 · The Arrest of Holmes & Watson
Chapter 24 · A Royal Assignation
Chapter 25 · The Aftermath
Chapter 26 · The Incarceration of Sherlock Holmes
Chapter 27 · Happy Birthday to the Emperor
Chapter 28 · A Plan of Action
Chapter 29 · A Violent Finale

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Professor Gerhard Tötschinger is a very popular man of letters and of the arts. He is perhaps best known for his numerous travel books. He hosted the Austrian quiz show, Red-White-Red, and has also been active in the theater world. Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Mayerling is Professor Tötschinger’s second Sherlock Holmes pastiche. As in his previous novel, Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Sachertorte, this current offering draws heavily upon the author’s intimate knowledge of Victorian Vienna.

Dr. Richard R. Rutter is retired, after serving for 51 years as a professor of Orthodontics at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco. He taught Orthodontics at the Julius Maximus University in Würzburg (Bavaria) Germany 1986-89. He is a Baker Street Irregular and a member of several American and German Sherlock Holmes societies. This is his third translation of German language Holmes pastiches.

Herr Peter Erlsbacher is a retired banker in securities investments. He is a native of Vienna and very interested in the history and culture of his birthplace. He is an ardent fan of the Sherlockian canon and was a member of the Von Herder’s Airguns society, contributing articles to that society’s publication previous to it closure.