The Federation Holmes: A Baker's Dozen of Sherlock Holmes Star Trek Parodies
Dana Martin Batory
Cover by Paul Churchill

The complete title of this unusual publication is The Federation Holmes: Casebook Number One: A Baker's Dozen of Sherlock Holmes—Star Trek Parodies. The story "A One Pipe Problem" begins: "Sherlock Holmes had given very strict instructions not to be disturbed in his quarters on Memory Alpha, so he was more than a little annoyed when he heard the inevitable signal at his door." If you want to read on, this is the collection for you! Holmes in the Space Age! The author, Dana Martin Batory, a geologist by training and a cabinetmaker by choice who lives in Crestline, Ohio, has contributed to many Sherlockian publications.

Sherlock Holmes. Dr. Watson. Captain Kirk. Dr. McCoy. Spock. And Denebian Slime Devils? What's up? It's elementary! Here, gathered together for the first time, are Dana Martin Batory's rare science fiction parodies combining the very dissimilar worlds of Sherlock Holmes and Star Trek. Published between 1978 and 1991, the twelve short stories (plus one written especially for this book), appeared in the small fan magazine The Holmesian Federation, now a much sought after collector's item itself. The strange tales follow the life and adventures of Holmes and Dr. John H. Watson among the alien citizens and worlds of the Federation of Planet—sfrom their "robotic" origins in "A Nostalgic Country of the Mind," to the stunning success of their first case in "Everything Comes in Circles", and Watson's own solo investigation in "Watson Comes Through."

Come venture in the galaxy—The game's afoot!

Black Cloth Hard Cover with Dust jacket, 172 pp.
ISBN 1-55246-346-X $32.00