Peck's Bad Boy and His Pa
George W. Peck
Introduced by August Derleth
Cover by Paul Churchill
Afterword by George A. Vanderburgh

If you are at all widely read, you have heard the phrase "Peck’s bad boy." Only if you are very widely read are you likely to know this phrase – for an incorrigible youth of any age – derives from the series of books about the antics of a youthful practical joker named Hennery (not Peck!). These funny stories first appeared in book form as Peck’s Bad Boy and His Pa (1883) and they flowed from the pen of Wisconsin humourist George W. Peck who also served two terms as Governor of the State. There are 27 amusing adventures here, introduced by the late August Derleth who fits Hennery into the genre "bad boy" fiction and Peck into Americana. There is also an Afterword from publisher George A. Vanderburgh which answers the question, "Why did I publish this book?"

Trade Paperback, 232pp.
ISBN 978-1-55246-647-6  $30.00