The Lost Gospel of Avalon
by Robert Pohle and Archer Luxley


Medieval Glastonbury was a sparsely populated corner of the world in 1297.  There were a few small villages; there were rumors of a colony of Priestesses somewhere beyond Avalon’s mists; and there was a solitary Benedictine Monastery …but none knew much of the business of the others. 

The Benedictine Monks went about their daily routines and their vigils, largely oblivious to the unimaginable secret contained within a small wooden chest stored in a musty alcove of their monastery's library.  They took little notice of the faded old documents that had miraculously survived the rigors of time and the perils of travel from the Eastern Crusades …that is, until the day a Papal command arrived from Rome ordering Abbot Anselm to destroy by fire …parchments, chest and all!

What were these secret things that the Church of 1297 so urgently wished removed from the world?  They were not always so secret.  In 325 AD, all the members of the Great Council knew …the Roman Emperor knew, too.  But when the votes were cast to establish the future course of the Christian World, few dared even whisper of them.  Emperor Constantine surely smiled to himself.  The course of Christianity was established for all time to come.  His will was done!  The Emperor had his reasons for structuring the New Religion as he did; reasons that might have remained a secret to this day, had Fate not spared a few letters carelessly exchanged between some of the Bishops who attended the Council… and a Fifth Gospel that somehow got left out of the momentous book which that Council put together…  

These letters would certainly have been destroyed in 1297 (along with the underlying meaning of much Christian mythology and symbolism) had two of the Benedictine Brothers not saved the documents from Pope Boniface VIII’s commanded burning, by stealing them away before they could be destroyed.  One fled with the entire cache of script to Scotland while the other remained at the Monastery.  As the Scottish War for Independence plunged the entire area into chaos, they managed to hide the translations safely away in "Fairey Land."   

Their letters and the mysterious earlier documents might remain there still, hidden and unread along with the ancient and heretofore unpublished Gospel of Esus, had not two 19th Century antiquarian scholars discovered them and launched an unsuccessful attempt to publish them in 1889.

What mysteries were revealed in these letters and this enigmatic Gospel of Esus that survived against such incredible odds?  Why did the 13th Century Pope order their destruction? Read the very letters exchanged between these two renegade monks ...read as they did the translated Gospel of Esus and discover the true origins ...the Pagan origins ...of the Christian tradition. ...Did Christianity arise spontaneously to appear brand new in the world like some mist in the morning? ...Or was it rooted directly in mysteries already long ancient by the time of the Common Era?

Come and join the characters of this book as they discover the Great Secret that in the centuries to follow would condemn to the fire any who dared even whisper it aloud. Relive with them the discovery of the heretofore undisclosed Gospel of Esus and share through their own letters the secrets and events that shaped human thinking for the next two millennia, events that have never been understood ...until now!

The Lost Gospel of Avalon reveals these ancient roots, as "that bone most deeply buried" ...and the most elaborately guarded of all secrets. Read for yourself and decide whether this intriguing tale is entertaining fiction …or whether it’s fact!  

Quality Trade Paperback with French Flaps, 150 pp.
ISBN 978-1-55246-989-7    $20.00

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