The Otis Adelebert Kline Omnibus
Otis Adelbert Kline


The Venus Novels
The Planet of Peril
"The Planet of Peril" appeared in Argosy in six installments: July, 20, 1929; July 27, 1929; August 3, 1929; August 10, 1929; August 17, 1929 and August 24, 1929.
The Prince of Peril
"The Prince Of Peril" appeared in Argosy in six installments: August 2, 1930; August 9, 1930; August 16, 1930; August 23, 1930; August 30, 1930 and September 6, 1930

The Mars Novels
The Swordsman of Mars
"The Swordsman Of Mars" appeared in Argosy in six installments: January 7, 1933; January14, 1933; January 21, 1933; January 28, 1933; February 4, 1933; and February 11, 1933.
The Outlaw of Mars
"The Outlaws Of Mars" appeared in Argosy in seven installments: November 25, 1933; December 2, 1933; December 9, 1933; December 16, 1933; December 23, 1933; December 30, 1933; and January 6, 1934.
Tam, Son of the Tiger

Buccaneers of Venus
[*Robert Grandon], (n.) Weird Tales Nov, Dec 1932, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr 1933

Treasure Accursed – And Mescal (Argosy 8-18-28)
Maza of The Moon (Argosy 12-21-29 -- 1-11-30
Spawn Of The Comet (Argosy 9-27-30
Jan Of The Jungle (Argosy 4-18-31 -- 5-23-31
Jan In India (Argosy 1-12-35 1-26-35
The Fang Of Amm Jemel (Argosy 3-9-35
Satans On Saturn (Argosy 11-2-40 -- 11-30-40

The Dragoman's Confession [*Hamed the Atar], (nv) Oriental Stories Sum 1932
The Dragoman's Jest (with E. Hoffmann Price) [*Hamed the Atar], (nv) Oriental Stories Win 1932
The Dragoman's Pilgrimage [*Hamed the Atar], (ss) The Magic Carpet Jan 1933
The Dragoman's Revenge [*Hamed the Atar], (ss) Oriental Stories Feb 1931
The Dragoman's Secret [*Hamed the Atar], (nv) Oriental Stories Apr-Jun 1931
The Dragoman's Slave Girl [*Hamed the Atar], (nv) Oriental Stories Sum 1931

The Bird-People, (nv) Weird Tales Jan 1930
The Bride of Osiris, (na) Weird Tales Aug, Sep, Oct 1927
But Was It?, (pm) Weird Tales Sep 1929
The Corpse on the Third Slab, (ss) Weird Tales Jul 1923
The Cup of Blood, (ss) Weird Tales Sep 1923
The Cyclops of Xoatl (with E. Hoffmann Price) [*Bart Leslie], (nv) Weird Tales Dec 1936
The Demon of Tlaxpam [*Bart Leslie], (nv) Weird Tales Jan 1929
The Gallows Tree, (pm) Weird Tales Feb 1932
Lord of the Lamia, (na) Weird Tales Mar, Apr, May 1935
The Malignant Entity, (ss) Weird Tales May-Jul 1924
Midnight Madness, (vi) Weird Tales Apr 1932
The Phantom Rider, (ss) Weird Tales Nov 1924
The Phantom Wolfhound, (ss) Weird Tales Jun 1923
Return of the Undead (with Frank Belknap Long), (nv) Weird Tales Jul 1943
Spotted Satan (with E. Hoffmann Price), (nv) Weird Tales Jan 1940
The Thing of a Thousand Shapes, (nv) Weird Tales Mar, Apr 1923
Thirsty Blades (with E. Hoffmann Price), (nv) Weird Tales Feb 1930
Why Weird Tales? [as by Anon.], (ed) Weird Tales May-Jul 1924

Cosmos - Chapter 8: Volunteers from Venus (with E. Hoffmann Price), (rr) Fantasy Magazine Jan 1934
Devil's Revenge, (ss) Bizarre 194?
The Iron World, (nv) Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug 1937
The Man from the Moon, (nv) Amazing Oct 1930
The Man in Room 18, (ss) Amazing Detective Tales Oct 1930
The Man Who Limped [*Hamed the Atar], (ss) Oriental Stories Oct 1930
The Metal Monster, (na) Amazing Jul 1931
Meteor-Men of Mars (with Harry Cord), (nv) Planet Stories Win 1942
Prophets of Science, (ed) Startling Stories Jan 1939
Race Around the Moon, (nv) Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug 1939
The Radio Ghost, (nv) Amazing Sep 1927
Revenge of the Robot, (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Aug 1936
The Robot Beasts, (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Jan 1941
The Secret Kingdom (with Allen S. Kline), (n.) Amazing Oct, Nov, Dec 1929
Servant of Satan, (ss) Strange Stories Feb 1939
Spawn of the Comet, (nv) Argosy Sep 27 1930
Stolen Centuries, (ss) Thrilling Wonder Stories Jun 1939
Stranger from Smallness, (nv) Super Science Stories Aug 1941
The Thing That Walked in the Rain, (nv) Amazing Mar 1931
Treasure Accursed!, (ss) Fantasy Fiction May 1950
The Vengeance of Sa'ik, (ss) Oriental Stories Dec 1930
A Vision of Venus, (ss) Amazing Dec 1933
"Howard and Kline— Men of the Pulps" by D. A. Kraft, (ar) Cross Plains #1 1974
2 Volumes Folio Hardback 1000+ pp.
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