The Compleat Adventures of the Suicide Squad
Emile C. Tepperman
Introduction by Robert Weinberg


1. Mr. Zero and The F.B.I. Suicide Squad (Ace G-Man Stories, May-June 1939)
2. The Suicide Squad Reports for Death (Ace G-Man Stories, July-August 1939)
3. The Suicide Squad's Last Mile (Ace G-Man Stories, September-October 1939)
4. The Suicide Squad Pays Off (Ace G-Man Stories, November-December 1939)
5. Coffins for the Suicide Squad (Ace G-Man Stories, January-February 1940)
6. The Suicide Squad—Dead or Alive! (Ace G-Man Stories, April 1940) FRONT
7. Shells for the Suicide Squad (Ace G-Man Stories, June 1940)
8. Suicide Squad's Murder Lottery (Ace G-Man Stories, August 1940)
    No Story (Ace G-Man Stories, September 1940)
9. The Suicide Squad and the Murder Bund (Ace G-Man Stories, November 1940)B
10. The Suicide Squad in Corpse-Town (Ace G-Man Stories, January 1941) BACK
11. The Coffin Barricade (Ace G-Man Stories, March 1941)
12. The Tunnel Death Built (Ace G-Man Stories, May 1941)
13. Wanted—In Three Pine Coffins (Ace G-Man Stories, September 1941)
14. The Suicide Squad's Private War (Ace G-Man Stories, December 1941)
15. —For Tomorrow We Die! (Ace G-Man Stories, February 1942)
16. The Suicide Squad's Dawn Patrol (Ace G-Man Stories, April 1942)
17. The Suicide Squad Meets the Rising Sun (Ace G-Man Stories, June 1942) BACK
18. So Sorry, Mr. Hirohito! (Ace G-Man Stories, August 1942)
19. Move Over, Death! (Ace G-Man Stories, October 1942) BACK
20. Targets for the Flaming Arrow (Ace G-Man Stories, December 1942)
21. Blood, Sweat and Bullets (Ace G-Man Stories, February 1943)
22. The Suicide Squad and The Twins of Death (Ace G-Man Stories, August 1943)
3. The Masked Marksman's Command Performance (The Spider Magazine, March 1942)
Folio Black Cloth Hard Cover, 434 pp.
ISBN 978-1-55246-752-7  Out-of-Print

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