The Compleat Great Merlini Saga
Clayton Rawson


Another Lost Treasure from the Pulps #12

The inventive stories collected in The Compleat Great Merlini Saga were written by author, illustrator, and magician Clayton Rawson (1906-1971). Rawson is identified with the creation of his crime-solving magician The Great Merlini, but also with his other series hero Don Diavolo, the fabulous Scarlet Wizard.

The Merlini stories were published in pulp magazines and then collected in book form between 1938 and 1942. Thanks to editor Garyn G. Roberts, they appear in this two-volume collection complete with editorial and other notes. This set of two volumes comprises #12 of the series "Lost Treasures from the Pulps" edited by Robert Weinberg. Included also are "Memories of Clayt" by Edward D. Hoch and "Merlini of the Movies" by Rodney Schroeter.

2 Volume Hard Cover, 425 + 475p.
ISBN 1-55246-646-9 Out of Print