The Complete Adventures of the Golden Amazon
John Russell Fearn



The Science Fiction Novellas written for the Toronto Star Weekly between 1945 and 1961
Another Lost Treasure from the Pulps #10

Folio Size Hard Covers, Four Colour Jacket, 434 double columned pages Volume 1 of 3
ISBN 1-55246-554-3 @ $90.00
Volume 2 of 3
ISBN 1-55246-556-X @ $90.00
Volume 3 of 3
ISBN 1-55246-557-8 @ $90.00

Volume 1 of 3


Volume 2 of 3

During the postwar years, readers across Canada were treated to these eight "Golden Amazon" adventures series. They appeared in the Toronto Star Weekly and were the work of the English pulp writer John Russell Fearn. Among the eight serials are "Lord of Atlantis", "Daughter of the Amazon", and "World out of Step". This collection includes editor and agent Philip Harbottle’s detailed study of the stories titled "The Golden Amazon Returns".


Volume 3 of 3

"It is my pleasure and privilege to again introduce this concluding volume in this trilogy of omnibus hardcover editions, collecting the entire sequence of Golden Amazon science fiction adventure novels by the late John Russell Fearn". So writes editor and agent Philip Harbottle. "This volume contains the final eleven adventures, including a final posthumous collaborative novel". Among the serials are "The Shadow People", "Dwellers in Darkness", and "Ghost World".


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