The Compleat Adventures of Bill Brent
By Frederick C. Davis
Introduction by Robert Weinberg

Another Lost Treasure from the Pulps #5

Bill Brent works for a newspaper, and as punishment he is assigned the Lorna Lorne's Lost Lover's Advice Column by his Editor. Inquiries for advice to Lorna Lorne result in misadventures, murder and mayhem. These stories were published in Dime Detective Magazine in May 1941 through June 1946

  1. Let the Skeletons Rattle
  2. Killer, Stay Away from My Door!
  3. You Slay Me, Baby
  4. Give a Man a Corpse He Can Hide
  5. More Deadly Than the Male
  6. Home Sweet Homicide
  7. Clinic for Corpses
  8. A Stiff in Time Saves Nine
  9. Boomerang Scoop
  10. Thanks for the Lovely Funeral
  11. Death Wears Red Heels
  12. The Corpse Takes a Wife
  13. Death Can Wait
  14. Some Like 'em Dead
  15. Here Comes the Hearse

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Other Lost Treasures From the Pulps