The Complete Adventures of The Dean
Merle Constiner
Introduction by Robert Weinberg

The Dean operates a Fortune Telling Business in a disreputable part of town. He is assisted by Benton Matthews who specializes in locks and guns. The Dean has the ear of Captain Kunkle, and the grudging assistance of Lieutenant Malloy. Clients arrive with outrageous problems which lead to brilliant solutions. These unusual and unique stories were published in Dime Detective Magazine in August 1940 through December 1945

  1. Strangler's Kill
  2. You're in My Way
  3. One Corpse Too Many
  4. The Puzzle of the Terrified Dummy
  5. They'll Kill Again
  6. The Riddle of the Phantom Mummy
  7. The Riddle of the Bashful Ghost
  8. Killer Take All
  9. Mr. Beetleman's Blisters
  10. The Riddle of the Shackled Butler
  11. The Nervous Doorbell
  12. The Riddle of the Monster Bat
  13. Parade of Empty Shoes
  14. The Affair of the Pharmacist's Fudge
  15. The Affair of Mother Manzoli
  16. Puzzle of the Padlocked Furnace
  17. The Affair of the Four Skeletons
  18. The Affair of the Bedridden Pickpocket
  19. The Kitchen of Master Lefevre

Folio Hard Cover with Dustjacket 550 pp.
ISBN 1-55246-515-2 Out-of-Print

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