The Memoirs of Horatio Humberton
J. Paul Suter
Introduction by Robert Weinberg

A total of ten adventure novelettes appeared in Dime Detective Magazine between July 1932 and January 1937 featuring the Necrologist Sleuth, Horatio Humberton. These stories feature elements of the supernatural, and the outrageous, and are collected for the first time. Unfortunately only one featured a cover illustration for the magazine. You will not be disappointed with these hard-boiled escapades, bordering on humorous escapist detective fiction.

  1. The Angel of the Damned
  2. Eyes of the Dead
  3. The Werewolf Horrors
  4. The Mill of Horror
  5. Seconds of Doom
  6. Shoes for the Dead
  7. Post Mortem
  8. Dead and Buried
  9. The Hairy Death
  10. The Corpse the Cat Dragged In

Black Cloth Hard Cover with Dustjacket 500 pp.
ISBN 1-55246-514-4  Out-of-Print

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