White Shadows
Elwy Yost


The name Elwy Yost will be familiar to a great many Canadian film buffs, for Elwy introduced TVO's "Saturday Night at the Movies" for decades! Here is his first adult novel. White Shadows is subtitled "A Novel of Espionage and Adventure," and if you enjoy derring-do, film noir, glamorous characters, and action in exotic locales (including the Caribbean), you will love this work. What is the fast-paced novel about? "Jack Parris arrives by private launch at the Virgin Island of Tortola where he is greeted by the lovely Lorelei Hirschhorn. He is totally unprepared for her beauty, an extraordinary beauty that recalls the glamour of an earlier era." Before long there is romance, adventure, and (indeed!) "a lost film" that offers a key to "one of the best-kept secrets of the 20th century."

308 pp. Trade Paperback.
ISBN 1-55246-540-3 $30.00