The Fifth Sun
Laura Beazley

"Peace." It was all she said, no more, no less. Ever since Vera Coccha, an eccentric fortune teller and her quirky cohorts had rolled into town, life had begun to change. There had been signs all summer; an unusual profusion of periwinkle flowers, a disappearing canoeist and a white rabbit that led them into the tunneled earth but it was Vera who began it. On the shores of the enchanted Lake Memphremagog is a place where life and magic intertwine and a young couple experience a summer unlike any other. Weaving together spirit, history, place and time The Fifth Sun is a charming modern fairytale, a sheer delight for the senses.

Toronto writer Laura Beazley divides her time between the city and her Lake Memphremagog cottage in Quebec's Eastern Townships. She is currently researching the early history of the region for a forthcoming book. The Fifth Sun is her first novel.

Trade Paperback, 146 pp.
ISBN 1-55246-542-X    $15.00