Butterflies in Winter and Other Poems
Allan Glenn Rose


A member of the League of Canadian Poets, Allan Rose's writing stems from a very simple philosophy: he wants his poetry to be accessible to everyone. In his writing, as with his spoken word performances, his goal is always to be informative, thought provoking, and entertaining. If you catch yourself smiling, crying, or laughing at various points when you read his verse, that is certainly the point of it all.
The poems of Butterflies in Winter are divided into six sections and focus on what it means to be human. These writings explore the wide range of human emotions and experience; they are, in short, the poet's insights into these themes, based on his observations and reflections over the past fifty years.
Life's triumphs and tragedies, its anxieties and its laughter are all to be found in these poems. The reader alone will decide what success the poet has achieved in expressing these traditional themes in these new verses.

The author was born in Toronto in 1946, Allan Rose wears many hats. He taught History, English Literature and Creative Writing for thirty years. He has been involved in the hockey world for many years as a player, coach, and scout. An enthusiastic fixture on the Toronto music scene, he has promoted numerous blues, New Orleans jazz, and roots country concerts. A dynamic performer, his very popular readings often include live music to highlight his various poetic selections.
1 Volume Quality Trade Paperback 145 pages
ISBN 978-1-55246-842-5 @ $20.00

"Butterflies in Winter" is an attractive-looking book. The design of both covers is attractive and appropriate for the book's contents. As for the poems, there is not a "false step" anywhere. The author is a poet who knows what he is doing. He has the talent he needs to sustain the poems he writes. The poetry deserves to be read from a platform or a podium, as the poems and verses beg to be "heard." There is wit here, a donnish sense of humour, and "shaggy-dog" approach to life and literature. There is also a sense of fun with life and words and pretensions that I like, conveyed by the child's smiling face on the front cover. -- John Robert Colombo

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