Bright Journey
August Derleth












1. Shadows Before 1812-1815
2. Where the Rivers Meet 1826
3. We Have Seen These Things 1826-7
4. Half to Rise 1827-1828
5. And Half to Fall 1828-1830
6. Each Believes His Own 1830-1832
7. And Goes His Way Alone 1834-1835
8. Interlude: What Thin Partitions 1836-1839
9. The Tide at Flood 1839-1843

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Author's Note

While the majority of the characters and incidents in this narrative are historically accurate, apart from such minor changes in time as were thought necessary for greater time-unity in this novel, a certain small percentage of the incidents herein chronicled derive solely from the author's imagination. The life story of Wisconsin's Colonel Hercules Dousman is scattered in the archives of several institutions of learning throughout the United States; its events are told prosaically enough in letters and documents distributed from Missouri to Michigan, from Minnesota to New York. Certain aspects of this life have stirred the author's imagination, and therefore a certain small portion of this narrative must be considered apart from history. I have drawn upon several books for the historical facts herein chronicled as fiction, notably Dr. Grace Lee Nute's "The Voyageur," George D. Lyman's "John Marsh, Pioneer," Gustavus Myers' "History of the Great American Fortunes," and most particularly, from "Prairie du Chien," by that able historian, Dr. Peter Lawrence Scanlan. I owe thanks for generous assistance also to Dr. Louise Phelps Kellogg, Charles E. Brown, Mrs. Ona Earll, Dr. P.L. Scanlan, and especially to Mrs. Virginia Dousman Bigelow, who has throughout the progress of this novel from its inception to its final draft shown a quality of understanding and co-operation seldom encountered.